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BVC 180/260/400​
Rovema Thailand,Auto Packing,Automatic Packing Machin
BVK 260​
Rovema Thailand,Auto Packing,Automatic Packing Machin
Rovema Thailand,Auto Packing,Automatic Packing Machin
Volumetric dosing system​
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Rovema Thailand,Auto Packing,Automatic Packing Machin
Rovema Thailand,Auto Packing,Automatic Packing Machin

BVC 180/260/400​


High machine efficiency with perfect bag quality.

The continuous motion Form Fill and Seal machine BVC is designed for maximum output performance. The machine is equipped with the Sense&Seal product detection and the high-quality sealing technology Premiumseal also at high speeds. This results in a very high machine efficiency whilst producing perfect bag quality. The product area is strictly separated from the drive area, which ensures that the machine satisfies even the most stringent hygiene demands. In addition, the machine can be quickly and easily cleaned.

Ideal for different attractive packaging forms.

The machine can process almost all mono and laminate packaging materials of different thicknesses to enable the production of a variety of bag styles. Depending on the packaging material the BVC machines can also be equipped with diff erent sealing types like heat sealing, impulse welding for PE fi lms or ultrasonic sealing. Additional devices to produce bag styles like Stabilo Seal or doypack as well as printers, labelers and applicators for re-closing systems or zip-bags can be integrated in a space-saving way. The packaging task determines the machine equipment.

The highlights

  • High efficiency and reduction of downtimes due to Sense&Seal product detection

  • Reliable product protection through Premiumseal

  • Ideally adaptable to various applications

  • Programmable sealing force

  • Hygienic design, without hollow spaces or profiles

  • Easy and quick cleaning, as the product area is separated from the drive area

  • Also available in stainless steel design

  • Intuitive, easily understandable operation, user interface​

Rovema Thailand, Raumak Thailand, Packaging Machine, Auto Packing, Automatic Packing Machine

BVK 260​


Chunky, granulated or powdery – with highest bag and sealed seam quality.

The BVK 260 can pack a diverse range of products – lumpy, granular or powdered – using the highest bag and sealed seam quality. Depending on the specific product, the machine will be combined with a volumetric cup filler, auger feeder or a multihead weigher. With an output performance up to 120 bags/minute and format sizes ranging from 60mm to 260mm, the BVK 260 is the ideal form-, fill- and seal machine for standard bag styles such as pillow bags and block bottom bags.

Proven and reliable

With an output rate of up to 120 bags/minute

  • Highest product safety using proven and reliable machine technology

  • Processing of various mono films and laminated films using vacuum assisted film feed belts

  • High bag quality using a patented process for continuous bag manufacturing

  • Small footprint through compact design

  • Intuitive, easy to understand operation, user guidance with graphical support in national language

  • optional extensions

BVK 260​

In Hygienic Design for highest demands

The hygienic design simplifies and shortens the process of the efficient cleaning.

Almost every powder and smallgrained product like milk powder, coffee, spices, sugar and chemicals can be handled.It enables a very high degree of hygienic perfection in an efficient way. By the exact dosing, even with difficult products, the auger doser SDH fulfills the economic demand of the user on the base of the legal standards.

The highlights

  • Design in accordance to hygiene directive EHEDG

  • Tool free change of metering auger and tube

  • Split hopper for easy cleaning

  • Up to 20 % product compaction and savings in packaging material for freely-flowing products

  • Available with control system integrated in packaging machine or separate

Product sheet SDH (English​)

The principle

The product will be supplied directly into the hopper via screw/vibratory feeder at the entrance point
. A motor
actuates the stirrer that spreads the product homogeneously in the dosing hopper
. The auger
with servo drive doses the product out of the hopper into the package

Volumetric dosing system​

Product sheetVDD (English​)

The proven way of dosing.

Proven technology, high-performing and precise.

It meets the demand of the user within the required legal standards of weight accuracy. The machines may be used as a single unit or in combination with a Form Fill Seal machine. The VDD is designed to dose free-flowing products like pellets or granulates. Within this range a great number of products can be handled as, for example, rice, short-cut pasta, peanuts, pulse, chocolate or sugar.

The highlights

  • High performance

  • Proven dosing method

  • Large volume range

  • Product specific funnel design

  • Adjustable, telescopic 2-piece dosing cups for volume control

  • Height adjustment for adaptation to dosing volume

  • Frequency-controlled drive

The principle

  • Product falls into the feed container

  • Dosing plate unit transfers the filled cups to discharge position

  • Stripper removes any surplus product

  • Transport of empty cups to filling position

  • Product falls into the transfer hopper

American Case Packer​

Product sheet EF 2

EF 2​

Compact, direct, flexible.

The complete erecting, filling and closing process only takes place at two stations. Thus, usual interference sources are reduced to a minimum and the functional reliability increases considerably. The case blanks are held safely and precisely positioned in all stations througout the whole packaging process.This optimum packaging process leads to geometrically exact packages. As product and packaging are treated carefully, the whole packaging process runs safely and in a controlled manner. Flexible grouping systems - cycle chain or collecting conveyer for goods to feed into case- enable different product orientation in the case.

Effective and economic.

The quick format change over is reproducible by custom specific parameters, adjustment spindles and size parts. Thus downtimes are reduced and an economic and effective production process is ensured. Integrated into the whole packaging process the level of automation will be increased at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Safe operation with ROVEMA [email protected]

The ROVEMA control system ROVEMA [email protected] guarantees an absolutely safe handling of the machines. Control mechanisms and dynamic limit calculation modules do not accept wrong or unreasonable data input. The operator can also use the integrated onlinehelp with the comfortable navigation on the Touch Screen, if required.

The highlights

  • Small foot print due to compact design

  • User-friendly layout

  • Clearly structured and good accessibility

  • Combined with productive grouping systems

  • Gentle product handling

  • Alternatively in tape or hot melt execution

  • Quick and repeatable size change over

  • Modular expandable

  • Easy cleaning

  • Up to 12 AC cartons per minute *

*depending on product and carton size


High Flexibility in the bag top design​

The highlights

  • Best differentiation of your products at the point of sale

  • Excellent flexibility – wide range of products, various bag styles, 40 different bag top shapes

  • Conveyor filling for break-sensitive products

  • High bag quality as replacement for prefabricated bags

  • Separately driven work stations for fast format changes

  • Maximum machine accessibility due to modular construction

  • Security of investment, as it can be extended flexibly

  • New modular hygiene design with different bag top shapes

  • Intuitive, easily understandable operation, user interface with graphic support in national language​

Product sheet
SBS (English)

ROVEMA SBS in action:
› Rovema SBS 250 Single: Packaging of flour
› Rovema SBS 250 Twin: Packaging of pasta
› Rovema SBS 250 Twin: Packaging of coffee beans​


Excellent flexibility, wide range of products, various bag styles.

The SBS brick pack machine is a combination of a Form Fill Seal machine with downstream systems for bag and bag closure designs. Thus the bag is designed to meet market requirements, provide extra convenience and impart individual product presentation. You can use the SBS to package a wide range of products. The SBS ensures product-specifi c handling and economical packaging of lumpy, granulated and powdery products from the food or non-food area – no matter whether cereals, pasta, spices or biscuits.

Benefits and advantages of the SBS.

  • Best differentiation ofFlexibility is one of the outstanding features of the machine. It offers the guarantee of attractive and modern bag design and a secure investment. Pack dimensions can be stored so that the SBS can easily be converted to other format sizes, filling functions or top shapes. Brick packaging, for example, and bags with opening aid and/or reclosing possibility can be produced in one working step. As a matter of course, the SBS is even able to manufacture the attractive Stabilo Seal® bags.
    your products at the point of sale

  • PC-based ROVEMA [email protected] with a user-friendly touch screen and integrated help features. The standard network connection with the ROVEMA service center enables on-line diagnostics and maintenance of the control software.

  • The compact design shows a high output on small floor space. Subsequent retrofitting for further packing variety is possible due to the modular system.

  • All functions are installed as single stations and can be adapted for future requirements.

  • The SBS can be used as a stand-alone unit or be combined as an integral component of the ROVEMA system technology.


Customized Solutions​

Packaging lines which integrate individual machines into turnkey systems.



While single machines can be installed without extensive planning, complex packaging lines need to meet important requirements on organization, logistics and surroundings. Specialists are needed, guaranteeing the highest user benefit and minimizing the investment risks.​


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